Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

So here's the story. When my dad came to visit a couple of months ago, the expected happened. He and my mum had an argument, and for some reason, that made my dad want to visit this giant bookstore near our house, and since I was a wastrel around the house even back then, I went with him, hoping I'd get some supplies in the bargain. And I did. Bestowed upon me was a wonderful sketchbook with 160 creamy texturised pages, that were comfortably smooth to allow happy shading, but smooth enough not to screw up your drawing. (I even blogged about this book when I just got it in this post). And then I spent many a happy day, making exactly THREE pieces of art, that too, not even for myself. Then, like an idiot, I lost it.

It would have been alright had I known WHEN I lost it, thereby making it easier for me to FIND it, but I don't even know when exactly it was lost, so I don't even know where to begin. I miss my sketchbook very much, even more because the mother has chastised me for being irresponsible and I'm not going to be given a replacement. 

The sketchbook is largish (slightly larger than your average A4 sheet) with a white cover and cardboard back. It has a Mountain Lion on the cover. The first page is blank with a margin, the second page has the face-portrait of a man that I never finished, the third page has a sketch of two people coloured in 60s style, and the fourth page has a rather elaborate pencil-outlined-with-ink drawing. I have not written my name on it (yes, I am rather stupid in such matters). If you find it, will you PLEASE let me know?

I miss my sketchbook. I never did much, but at least there was that little glowing bubble of knowing that if I ever felt like drawing, there was a very nice sketchbook waiting patiently for when I am truly inspired. It's not fair. I didn't even complain when I lost my Macbeth text before the exam and had to improvise my answers, I didn't whine even once. Because it didn't really matter to me, that Macbeth book. But my sketchbook really, really matters, and I am very, very depressed. I miss my sketchbook very much.

Carmen Sandiego, won't you return?

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This River is Wild - The Killers
Crazy in Love - Snow Patrol
Sexy Boy - Franz Ferdinand (Listen to this one, it may just seriously beat "Michael" as my favourite song by them)


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